Jan 11, 2009

5 Facing The Everyday

Early morning I rise,
poised in mid stride...
I stood amidst the fleeting morning shadows
that gracefully surrendered to days light,
uninterrupted by the incessant distant whistle of a kettle.
Giving thanks for the gift of another day...
I pray,
adjusting my temperament in preparation for the maelstrom,
the sometimes intolerable human impulsive gesticulation,
entrenched in the everyday existence.
Exhaling through the steam of my ginger lemon tea
as the mist lightly caresses my face,
the warmth from the base of the teacup tickling my fingers.
I stood entranced,
oblivious to the silhouettes moving pass my window.
I adjust my psyche,
I accept,
finish my tea,
rinse my cup,
marched merrily along my way

(Edited version)


  1. I love reading your poetry you have such a way with words, leaving nothing to the imagination - it's all there, like paint splashed upon a canvas (you said that, didn't you?)

    This is so beautiful!

  2. Very nice... I love how I get images in my head as I read.

  3. You make it so clear....facing the everyday is so much about capturing the moment.

  4. What a wonderful, inspiring blog you have, I have bookmarked it, next time, I will arm myself with a large latte and a comfy chair.....
    Thank you

  5. Superb would be an understatement.I stand entranced by the beauty of your lines and almost feel the warmth of the steam from the cup on my face


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