59 Gratitude Journal

Often when we are caught up in life's challenges we are so enraptured in the journey that we forget to pause and say thank you. We begin to take the things and people in our lives for granted and we fail to introduce grace into our lives. I am very guilty of this.

It is the spirit of creating a space for "Grace" in my life that I open this his Gratitude Journal, to remind myself to always be grateful to remain humble and say THANK YOU. I invite you to journey along with me daily in thankfulness.

There is only one rule: Find ONE thing, no matter how small to be thankful for and acknowledge the reason for that thankfulness.

To, Think It, Feel It, Believe It, Say It, Say It Out Loud, Speak It Softly, Sing It, Sign It, Pray It, Praise It, Write It, Rap It, Share It, Acknowledge It, and most of all, Pass it on, and…Inspire someone


  1. Blessings, I have re-started this gratitude journal as a page because i have noticed my entries stopped showing up on initial gratitude post, very frustrating because although there is a like to click to see more it does not seem to be working. Because of that i have not writing an entry since January 23, 2012, though each day i continute to say thank you. I haven't documented it. Now I will post again. Back tracking by reposting from January 24, 2003. The other entries can be seen at this link. http://rappingonamelody.blogspot.com/2011/08/gratitude-journal-page.html?showComment=1327379072680#c4902279775302372788

    Entry 24: (for January 24, 2012) A STILL TONGUE
    Sometimes the listens we learn get lost in our day to day living and buried under the challenges handed to us by life. Today I relearnt the lesson of Speaking less even when i want to say more because saying more at that given time would not have served me well. I am thankful for the reminder.

  2. Entry 25 (for Wed January 25, 2012) THANKFUL TEDIUM
    At time routines can seem boring and tiresome but even then we must be thankful. Today I see the value in the routine of my work and i am thankful for the knowledges it reinforces ensuring that my skills stay current and sharp.

  3. Entry 26: (for THUR.JAN.26.12) INEVITABILITY
    Computers were designed to make our lives easier, more manageable, and efficient but even with all its efficiency it inevitable breaks down, crashes, slows and make the idea of efficiency inefficient, it is then I am joyful for my knowledge of the work without the aid of modern technology because i can still perform my work proficiently enough until the fix is repaired.

  4. Entry 27: [for FRI.JAN.27.12] TIME
    Some days time is a killer, when the morale is low and the spirit sagging, at other times however like today, time is kind because it just seems to fly and I can rejoice its the end of the work day and look forward to going home.

  5. Entry 28: [for SAT.JAN.28.12] CATCHING UP ON SLEEP
    Saturday i use as a rest day. I am burnt from Mon-Fri early rise/commute to work and i use the time to sleep in. I get up early on if i am inclined to and that my friends is a blessing.

  6. Entry 29: [for SUN.JAN.29.12] CATCHING UP
    Sunday I use to catch up on some chores, now while i don't like doing them per say I am thankful that I have them to do as they signify my own space that of which i am ever thankful

  7. Entry 30: [for MON.JAN.30.12] TO RISE
    I am blessed with the ability to rise up unaided by things or people. I am thankful for that blessing.

  8. Entry 31:[for TUE.JAN.31.12]MOBILITY
    I have been observing OUT OF SERVICE signs posted on the subway elevators and am hurrified by the thoughts of "how will the wheelchair bound manage?" and realize in that moment that I am bless with the mobility to exercise my other option of taking the stairs. Thank you for my mobility.

  9. Entry 32: [for WED.FEB.1.12] ANOTHER MONTH
    Thank you for seeing through January into February.

  10. Entry 33: [4 THU.FEB.2.12] LEARNING A NEW WAY
    Lately there has been a lot of changes and i have had to learn to adjust myself, to find a new way to dwell in the same space/place and still be me. I am thankful for this new learning.

  11. Entry 34:[4 FEB.3.12] TGIF
    Thank God for Friday. I am look forward to the weekend.

  12. Entry 35: [for SAT.FEB.4.12] EFFORTLESS ENERGY
    Today I spent the evening with a delightful bundle of energy in the form of a 4yr old. She was a joy, full of stories and I was treated to my own private concert as she sang, danced and told imaginary stories. oooow effortless energy.

  13. Entry 36: [for SUN.FEB.5.12] IN DOORS
    Today i was thankful for the quiet time as i elected to stay in doors.

  14. Entry 37: [for FEB.6.12] REJUVERNATION
    today i don't feel so well, my body aches but even in its achiness i am thankful because i could still move thought its challenging.

  15. Entry 38:(for FEB.7.12) HEALING
    A continuation of rejuvernation from yesterday as I take the time to annoint myself, to heal.

  16. Entry 39: (for FEB.8.12) VEXATION
    Today was a tough day, one of recrimination, finger pointing and blame. i bore the brunt of it. i was not happy. Then i receive a phone call that calmed my waters. I am thankful to my friend that called and shed some light on the situation

  17. Entry 40: (for FEB.9.12) FIGHT'N D RE-OCCURRENCE OF D VEXATION
    Today was a day i struggled to keep my calm and not the vexation of the day passed to repossess me. I am triumphant, i am thankful.

  18. Entry 41: (for FEB.10.12) AND THE LIGHT SHINES
    Today brought resolution to the pass couple of days. With evidence I managed to shake the blame from my spirit. I am relieved and thankful for the blessing.

  19. Entry 42:(FEB.11.12) DRUNKEN SLEEPINESS & CLEAN UP
    Today i awoke feeling somewhat groggy. I ate some whole-wheat pasta with corn beef, sat at my computer and in front the TV and promptly feel asleep. I awoke and laugh at myself thinking, oh what madness. I went to the kitchen did the dishes, cooked chicken foot, at to my hearts delight and watched TABOO till 5 am in the morning. Sweet....i am thankful for such an unusual day, turn out great even though i slept through most of it.

  20. Entry 43: QUALITY TIME
    Today i spent part of my day with my eldest daughter. i came upstairs and she was watching a bollywood movie. We watch it today along with Enchanted, Ella Enchanted, Hell Boy 2. It was delightful and i am thankful.

  21. Entry 44: RESILIENCE
    Today I am thankful for my resiliency. It seems at times life is wrath with Drama, misunderstandings and misgivings all weaving itself into webs of confusion turbulent to the psyche. Today was one of those days where the web of confusion just dropped in my lap caused by misunderstanding and I am so blessedly thankful was able to center myself and step out of the madness.

  22. Very great idea Rhaposdy! I read some of these and they are very good. I need to dig deep within myself right now because since my eye surgery (which was very difficult to deal with) I am finally beginning to see over the gas bubble in my eye and it looks worse than before I had it. It has only been a month but it doesn't look good at all. I haven't been blogging much at all lately because my soul is deep in darkness right now and I just can't shake it. Usually I try and be the best I can be but these last 3 years for me have not been good and I was hoping for a good 2012. Then I had to have the eye surgery. I have prayed and everything but I feel no one is listening. Do you have any suggestions my friend?

    1. Bekkie I am sorry for the health challenges you have been experiencing. My advice is a bit simplistic but it is what i use to help me through and perhaps it may work for you as well, if not for the very least it may prompt you to find your own way of coping and finding the blessing in the most challenging of days.

      I literally take it one day at a time and on the days when my spirit is low and my faith is dragging I seek the kernel of a blessing to light my hope.

      Example: Some days getting out of bed is a chore, i ache in every conceivable place you can think about, on those days I focus on what I can do, (1) I may be slow to get out of bed but guess what, I get out of bed! (2) My movements are slow but guess what, I can still move, I am mobile! So am slow, so what, I am able to move and help myself even if it takes me an hour to do what i would ordinarily do in 30 minutes.

      My point? There are times you have to be your own champion, you own motivator, you own best friend, drill instructor and spiritural guide. Giving up cannot be an option because it means you are giving up on yourself. Yeah I know sometimes the hardest part is lifting your head. Lift it anyway.

      My best friend is one of my inspiration, she has MS and a few other health issues that beat her constandtly and though there are times she is low she does not allow herself to stay there for long.

      The other thing that helps is to get active, purposeful, sometimes it is in helping others we are able to help ourselves. Base on what you have shared your life is painful, I dare say though Bekkie although your life is pain all of it does not have to be all about the pain. I know it is not easy, to focus else where but its important that you find your joy again. lord knows as i am speaking to you now I am speaking to myself. Finding and maintaining your joy is important, it allows you to live in spite of the challenges you constantly have to wade through.

      I hope that helps?

    Valentines Day wasn't the best day for me, in fact this week (Feb 13-17) left a lot to be desired. I was however determined to have this day on my terms. So I started it by purchasing 2 chocolate bars, one medium size Cadbury hazelnut for one of my colleague who works else where in our organization and one Large one dark chocolate for my colleague who works with me, those were my valentines day gift. I closed my office door, began work, put on my music and sang while i work, by the end of the day I could smile a genuine smile. It was a blessing.

    1. Entry 46 (for FEb.15.12):THANKFUL FOR MY SPIRIT TO MOVE THE CRAP
      Today was another one of those crappy days. In spite of the shit load of crappy wanting to bury me, i remember my motto....."life is full of shit, so walk with your shovel on your back and be prepared to shovel that shit out of your path." So I shovel that shit out of my way and laugh a laugh that reached my heart.

    2. Entry 47[FEB.16.12] GETTING SATAN OFF MY ASS
      Today trouble knocked and walked in. I breath, I connect with my Divine. I said my peace, I center myself, I refuse to let the devil get inside me. I sang to myself, I danced and my spirit is lifted, halleujah. I am blessed.

  24. Entry 48 [FEB.17.12] RENEWING MY SPIRIT
    Today i spent with myself, reading to myself, praying, singing, rejoicing in just being. The peace re-enters my spirit that was syphoned away with weeks stress. I am renewed.

  25. Entry 49 [FEB.18.12] THE BLESSING OF NORMALITY
    Today I spent the day doing laundry, dishes, and watching television all simultaneously. How you ask, well i put a load in, I wash the dishes, I let them drain and i watched television, each time i finish a load i dry, I fold, i watch television while i folded. Not a bad day. The normalcy was surprisingly comforting.

  26. Entry 50 [FEB.19.12] CLEANING MY ROOM
    Today i spent the evening cleaning my room, in the end the reward was a fantastic looking space with brand new dovet set. I like......though my allergies has rared its ugly head, am comforted by my surroundings.

  27. Entry 51 [FEB.20.12] OPERATION ME
    My morning was spent on ME. Colored my hair and relaxed.....A blessing to just do me.

    1. Entry 52 [FEB.21.12]: SOAKING UP THE JOY IN MY SPIRIT
      Today was a good day, not a great day but a good day, good is a great thing. I allow my spirit to be, to wash away the trife and pettiness and the end result was a joy in my spirit.

      Today i held my promise to myself-to listen without judgment or rancor. I was able to not only hear, i was able to listen, to grasp the unspoken, to connect to the unrevealed, to see what was left unsaid and was able to speak without judgment and connect empathetically. It was a good day. I am blessed.

    3. Entry 54 [FEB.24.12] ENTITLEMENTS
      Today I appreciate the privilege of entitlements. I exercised one today. I enjoyed it, revelled in it and is blessed by the experiencing of it.

  28. Entry 55 [FEB.25.12] EMPATHY
    Today I felt i shared the sadness of my daughter's experience. I understood the feeling and was able to let her know that "I am here" and I empathize with her.

  29. Entry 56 (FEB.26.12) CELEBRATION
    Today i took my sister and my daughter to celebrate my sister's birthday. We went to Red Lobster. We ate we drank, we laugh and celebrated.

  30. Entry 57 (FEB.27.12) ROLLING OFF MY BACK
    Today was a ,good day, busy. Had an intersting encounter, got hit on by a man, mid to late 40s, dreadlocks, he tried to get me to walk and talk with him, when i gently refused, he gave me a veiled insult. I looked at him and said sacastically, "niccce," he look at me and tried to explain himself ackwardly and i simply said, "keep it moving." He dissappeared so fast it made me laugh. I called my best friend and we had a good laugh, she said..."boy, where is the class." It was a good day, with an entertaining moment, the negatives just rolled off my back.

  31. Entry 58 [FEB.28.12] ACCOMPLISHED
    Today was a day of accomplishment. I was working on statistics, it gave me quite a challenge, crossed my eyes and hurt my head i however won the war. Presented it. I accomplished my task. I am blessed.

  32. Entry 59 [FEB.29.12] TURNING THE CORNER
    Today feels like i have turned a corner. I have adjusted and am managing to remain me in all that there is.

  33. Entry 60 [MAR.1.12] A NEW DAY, A NEW MONTH
    Today i am saying thank you to the Divine for bringing me into another day, another month.

  34. MARCH 2012:
    March month proved to be a month of challenges and transformation. I learn a lot about shifting and adjusting myself while still remaining me. I learn that I am the only person that I can control in terms of reactions and how I allow things around me to impact my state of mind and being. They were lessons well learnt. I am thankful.

    With God's grace I hope to remember all lessons learnt, about myself, tolerance, flexibility and endurance.

  35. April was a good month, a month of working through the transformations of March. Though I won't necessarily welcome the challenges I waded through in March. I am thankful for the lessons as a result of coming through the journey of experiences.

  36. May 2012 was a delightful month. It was a month of implementing lessons learnt in March and April and seeing the fruits of such learning. I learnt to accept the things i cannot change. I learnt that the only thing I can change is my thoughts, my actions, my behavior, the way I communicate, what I say, when I say it and to whom I say it.

    Thank you dearest Divine. May the lessons always stay fresh and upper most in my mind, heart and spirit.

  37. It has been a while since i've made and entry here and it may seem as though I am done being grateful or showing gratitude, nothing can be further from the truth. The fact is I am always thankful though at times the daily grind at times leaves me resentful and in those moments I must breathe and push through to remember my blessings.

    2012 like much of latter part of 2011 has been one of hard lessons. Lessons that had emotional and psychological aspects that challenge me in ways unimaginable and I had to stop and reassess, shift and evaluate, accept and adjust while maintaining my authentic self. At times it felt like the almost impossible climb of mount Everest and trying to swim the deepest depths of the pacific ocean though I know I'd live to tell the tale the journey through it was emotionally and psychologically harrowing.

    Now I am in a place of acceptance, I have learnt the meaning of "Accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can." I have also learnt the value of the willow tree in never underestimating flexibility. These lessons I hope never to forget and my resolution going forth is to keep those lesson relevant and in the forefront.

    Thank you all for sharing and participating with me through all my discussions, queries and poetic inspirations. I wish you love, peace, laughter and infinite joy.

    Happy New Year.

  38. Blessings....
    Though am a couple of months behind in this entry. I am grateful everyday and don't miss a minute to say thank you.

    January & February were months of transformation for me. It was about implementing hard lessons learnt in 2012. I am grateful for openness to not only getting the lessons and learning from the experience. I am thankful that i am able to weave it into my everyday.

    Implementations for this 2013...
    "Let Go & Let God"
    "Accept the things I cannot change & Change the things I can."

    I'll let you know how that is working for me.
    peace and much love.

  39. I had a gratitude journal once, just to get me to have the habit of thanking God for the simplest things. when i got used to it, i stopped writing. Maybe i should start again.

    1. Yeah at times we can fall off. Its never to late to simply start up again. God never forgets us though we are guilty of forgetting him.

  40. Heavenly Father Today, like every day I want to thank you for my health and strength, for my due diligence, my faith and my enduring hope to keep myself moving especially in times when my first thought is to stand still, give up and give in.

    Thank you for showing up in the people that surrounds me with purpose, inspiration, motivation, physical and emotional support. Though I may not always say thank you I am always greatful.


  41. Blessings all:
    How have you been? hmmmmm.....
    It's been a while since I have done and entry into this journal. I'd like to tell you that I have been so busy, that I didn't have the time but it will all would be a big old stinking lie. I have done entry simply because I chose not to be mainly i forget this journal is here. I must check my HOME page to see if there is a link to it and it not to put one there. Why, because hope springs eternal and thus I may endeavor to be more diligent to do entries.

    The scarcity of entries is not surprising though, truthful while I remain grateful everyday and give thanks and praise, Journaling it is a struggle. It is a struggle not exclusive to online publishing but to also to the journaling in an actual journal. I tend to fall off. I start all motivating with all the best intentions and then i fall off like a lump of coal used beyond measure.

    There are reasons for my inconsistency of course but I dare say there are reasons for everything we do and say every day. Perhaps I'll share it one day, still working through it. But I digress, the point is to be thankful right, hence a gratitude entry, so let me get to it.

    I am thankful for coming to into my place of self acceptance, of owning my thoughts, holding fast to my truth and advocating for myself on my own behalf when no support from others was readily available and doubts from others seep from above, below, and bellowing from all sides. I thank God for the strength to stand strong, to carry on, to hold my head up high and even though in the eyes of those who seek to condemn me, there was no victory for me as they seemingly won. I felt my own victory, my own triumph in the victory in my conviction to stand for myself in the face of insurmountable odds. I have gained new respect for myself, I feel washed, cleaned. I have cleared the jaundice from my own eyes and able to see myself as I am, flawed and filled with greatness and I am able to hold myself up, hold my head up even if to some I did not come out the victor. I am victorious!

    Till we meet again,
    Stay blessed.

  42. I am grateful that my family can still get together for the holidays. We don't see each other that much during the year though we all live within 2 miles of one another.

    1. thank you for sharing your gratitude with me.
      I do believe you are Indeed blessed. One can never take family for granted. I wish for you many more get together's, unity and love beyond limitations.

  43. I am thankful to the Masterful Divine for bringing me into a new year.

    I pray for strength and resilience to weather life's storms and to live my life to the fullest as the almighty intended.

    I ask for the wisdom to know what to do in the right time for the right reasons, for the courage to do what is needed even when it is not favored, to laugh from my heart and soul always, to have infinite faith and the understanding of people, situations and circumstances beyond my control.

    In addition I pray for the light of forgiveness of my mistakes, my humanness and those i encounter in need of it.

    Thank you for the air I breathe, the light I see and the insight present, spoken and unspoken, the sounds of life together with sound of communication spoken and unspoken, heard and unheard. Thanks for the wealth of discernment may it grow twofold along with the tools to apply and implement knowledge's gained and learnt.


  44. I am grateful for the ability to breathe freely and on my own without the aid of machines. Thanks be to God.

  45. I am most thankful for my ability to reason and to call myself on my bullshit when i get on the slippery slide of self-delusion allowing me to keep it real even if its unpleasant.

  46. Living in thankfulness is a humbling thing. What have had to relearn these couple of months is to ....

    Be thankful for the little things so it will make the big things that much sweeter.

  47. In this moment I am steeped in gratitude, for my life, every breath flowing easily, the warmth of my home, my bed and the joy to sleep freely.

  48. Life
    Thank you the magnificent I Am

  49. Thank you heavenly father for the breath of life, for the ability to breathe freely without out aid or obstruction. Thank you always for my mobility and ability for my intuition and the skill to listen and where ever possible, bring them into fruition. Amen.

  50. Blessings heavenly Father, Thank you for my life, my ability to be resilient, humble and grateful in all things including the difficult. Thank you for the breath of life, mobility, visibility, wisdom and openness to understanding the things i cannot change, my capacity to change and the vision to accept the unchangeable.


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