Apr 9, 2016

24 A Trillion Reasons Why

There are a trillion reasons why...
One could not,
Would not,
Did not, 
Have not,
May not...do this or that
There are few reasons that really matter.
Whether or not you want to, are obligated to
Or committed to keep it real
Drop the bullshit excuses


Who you are, what you choose to do and not do, say and not say and the excuses for not following through, fulfilling, manifesting, implementing your truth, destiny, purpose is all up to you. You can give all the reasons why, they may all be valid and true, yet, in the end they are still excuses because the power is in your hands, heart, mind, body and spirit to bring all into being..


  1. Wow this is powerful and a reminder that I definitely needed..After getting injured and being unable to exercise I find I make one excuse after the other... I need to stop making them and just start doing... you are right, it is all in my hands... awesome xox

    1. Launna I am happy this post resonates with you. It is not always easy to face ourselves. One thing I did learn though, in the process of holding ourselves accountable we must also be as patient and compassionate with ourselves as we are with others.

  2. To sum up, as an old, dear friend of mine says, "You're your own worst enemy."
    As always, thought provoking.
    Rhapsody anytime you see a picture on my blog that you like feel free to have it. I take pictures because I enjoy it, not for money.

    1. Yes that can be very very true.
      Thank you for the privilege. I had to ask before taking.

  3. Replies
    1. simply compassion and patience while doing the work whatever that is.

  4. I guess it's all about taking responsibility and understanding yourself better too.

    1. Absolutely, understand oneself truly is the key. So many of us live outside ourselves searching when the answers we seek lies within.

  5. Well said, and I am also thanking you for the kind comments you have been leaving on my blog, making me smile. :-)

    1. Thank you
      you are welcome
      smiling is good, relaxes the face, mind and spirit.

  6. Those are some interesting thoughts to ponder, thank you. The image is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Lisa, we are powerful human beings and the only limits we have are those we give ourselves.

  7. I'm with you. Forget the excuses. Have a great week! :) Erika

  8. This is so true... the sun teaches us exactly what you say... no matter what is going on the sun rises... we definitely need to adopt that action as well... even when it feels impossible... I have been in those places too xox

  9. Beautiful words; beautifully said. Thank you for this wisdom and pleasure.

    Great day to you and yours.


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