Jun 1, 2014


Did you know that blowing out candles on a cake contaminates it? Oh yes, it does, the bacteria/germs/spittle from the mouths of blower(s) settles unto the cake contaminating it. Thus bacteria , viruses etc., can be passed fairly quickly from one person to another.cake and candles

I guess some traditions can be harmful to one’s health, who would have thunk it huh?  Before reading up on food contaminants I never even considered it.

Here are some alternative options

ü  Have a small individual cupcake made with a candle for the birthday person to blow out

ü  Use a transparent sanitary cake cover with a removable candle deck (candles does not puncture the cake), which protects the cake from contamination during blowing out of celebratory candles.

ü  Have one slice of the cake removed; decorated separately to the occasion (happy birthday, anniversary etc.,) and have that piece with candles for the person to blow out, that piece is their piece to eat.

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