May 23, 2014



I am sitting with a word, a word that vibrates vividly through my mind breaking open vats of my lived experiences and foreshadowing infinite possibilities of victories yet to be accomplished. I smile to myself hmmm’ing as the old folks do when they gather speaking wisdom, commiserating about this and that as memories of past triumphs, disappointments, deferred dreams filters through and unfolds.  FAILURE, woooo, mercy, what a word, heavy shit really just because of how most of us view its meaning, its ramifications so impactful that it affect the self-esteem and influences how one view their selves.

Failure, it strikes fear, apprehension and ambivalence in some of us, so much so that if we are not careful and mindful of the pitfalls it can hinder us from experiencing some of our greatest joys, our greatest triumphs and our most valuable lessons.

The thing is….

Failure is not an excuse to not try, to give up, rather it is an opportunity to keep learning and growing, to try something new, different, to rediscover oneself and reinvent you.

I say…

The next time you fail at something, ask yourself these two 0questions, ‘what can I learn from this experience? (what’s the lesson);’ ‘What can I/should I do differently to create a more favorable outcome?’ and be still and listen, pay attention to the answer.

Mindfulness Thought…

When you failed at some things it does not mean you are not worthy. It means there is more you need to know; there is more you need to learn, ways you need to grow in body, spirit and mind.

Keep An Open Mind…

Try looking at things from another angle, another perspective and see what develops. Be open; do not shut down in defeat. Don’t be quick to give up. YOU are worth the journey and the time it will take to discover the answers to develop into the YOU that is meant to be.

There May Be A Shift….

You may even learn that, that which you were striving for in the end is not what you truly desire. You may discover something wonderfully new and exhilarating you were too afraid to try or dare to speak into existence.

Be open…



Make victory & triumph a permanent part of your vocabulary, your philosophy, your state of BEING

Side note: checking my own actions…

I tend to I ponder this word “Failure” a lot, perhaps because I view it as a well spring of lessons and wisdom that can only make me better and stronger.

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  1. Good Morning Rhapsody....

    Woke up with a smile this morning and your post has just added an extra helping of enthusiasm to my day.

    And you know what, I accept that there may be a shift in certain areas of my life but I am definitely keeping an open mind.

    Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Have a delightful weekend.

    1. Blessings...
      You are most welcome...keep on moving into your greatness

  2. You are an excellent teacher. I used to tell my students this, but had to keep reminding myself of the same thing when I would "fail" at something.

    1. Thank you, i think that I am an excellent teacher because I am a great student of life.

  3. Replies
    1. Blessings and thank you.
      How you doing?
      What's new in your neck of the woods?


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